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End-to-end service and technical support

For over 80 years Hamer has supplied the power industry with electrical equipment, components and tools. We work closely with our customers and our international supply partners to develop and supply quality products and solutions for New Zealand’s electricity networks.

Our diverse and capable team includes degree qualified electrical engineering and operations management, as well as registered electrician and test technician skills. Technical, logistical and customer management specialists are located in Auckland and Christchurch. Our technical team’s engineering expertise and experience with our applications is well known and allows us to provide robust and responsive technical support.

By working with our customers and with respected industry partners we deliver comprehensive training, installation and certification to ensure that the most current information and techniques is delivered to the end user. This approach also allows us to offer manufacturer-backed extended warranties.

At Hamer Power Engineering we deliver certainty, reliability and long-term value based on the products that we supply and on the technical support that we provide.